Currently, the Government funds 82 percent of the costs Hato Hone St Joh incur to run the ambulance service (operational costs and critical infrastructure), with the balance covered by a $98 part charge for use of the service, commercial revenue, and fundraising.

It costs Hato Hone St John $285,000 to buy and equip an ambulance, and the cost of a typical emergency ambulance call-out is around $934. 

The amount we charge the person who uses the ambulance is a small part of these costs.

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How much do I pay?

The following charges apply if you are:

  • A citizen or permanent resident of NZ
  • A work visa holder eligible to be in NZ for at least two years
  • From the Cook Islands, Niue or Tokelau
  • A UK citizen normally living in the UK and visiting NZ

Medical emergency

If you're treated by an ambulance officer and/or transported in an ambulance because of a medical emergency (a heart attack or a stroke, for example) you may have to pay a part charge.  

part charge

You’ll need to pay this to help us cover costs, even if someone else calls the ambulance for you. 

No charge

If you have an active Ambulance Membership.


If you have an accident-related injury that meets ACC criteria, ambulance transport within 24 hours of the injury is covered by ACC.

part charge

You'll need to meet part of the cost If your accident-related injury happened more than 24 hours ago or your injury does not meet ACC criteria.

No charge

If you have an accident-related injury that is more than 24 hours old or does not meet the ACC criteria, but you do have an active Ambulance Membership., there is no charge.

Visiting from overseas

Should you be visiting Aotearoa New Zealand, and need us, there may be a cost to use our ambulance service.

$800.00 charge

If you're visiting from overseas and you are not eligible for publicly funded health services, you'll need to pay the cost for treatment and/or transport by us.

Travel insurance

If friends or family are visiting from overseas, they might want to take out travel insurance* to help cover any unexpected health costs while in NZ.
*Please check policy details to confirm what health costs are covered.


We do not provide emergency ambulance services in Wellington or the Wairarapa. The Wellington Free Ambulance service looks after these areas.


Get a St John Ambulance Membership

If you need us in a medical emergency, we can be there for you – free of charge. 

For less than the cost of a single emergency ambulance part charge your whole household can be covered for an entire year by signing up for an Ambulance Membership. (Note: Ambulance Memberships do not cover part charges incurred prior to signing up).

  • Free - Hato Hone St John attendance in a medical emergency if required.
  • Free - Transport to hospital or emergency medical clinic in an emergency if required.
  • Free - Attendance and/or transport for accident-related injuries if required.
  • Feel good - Knowing that your membership fees go towards running all the Hato Hone St John programmes that help your community, as well as ambulance services.
  • Feel confident - Knowing that you can call us when you need us. Our Clinical Hub has trained medical practitioners to assess your condition and offer the best support and advice directly over the phone.

New members can get 10% off their first year by using the promo code NEWJOIN at checkout.

 Get a St John Ambulance Membership

How do I pay an ambulance part charge?

We’ll send you an invoice and details of how to pay. Payment options include your Visa/Mastercard, enabled debit/credit card, or via Account2Account which is a secure Internet Banking transfer service. 

If you prefer to pay over the phone, please call our Customer Services team on 0800 ST JOHN (0800 785 646). 

You’ll need your invoice number handy when you pay. 

Online banking

Make a one-off payment from your online or telephone banking. 

Account name: The Order of St John National Office 

Account number: 12-3244-0023915-00 

Please include your customer number and invoice number for reference. 

Credit or debit card  

You can pay by a debit/credit enabled Visa or Mastercard online via our Pay an Invoice page, or over the phone by calling our Customer Services team on 0800 STJOHN (0800 785 646).   

Please have your invoice and your debit/credit card handy. 

NZ Post

You can pay your invoice over the counter at NZ Post by cash or EFTPOS. Don’t forget to take your invoice with you, you’ll need it when you pay. 

 Pay an invoice online now

Our ambulances in your community

We’re not only here to help in emergencies. Our ambulance services help communities across Aotearoa in other ways too: 

  • Transporting people to arranged hospital visits* 
  • Transfers between hospitals, or hospital and home* 
  • Assisting Police and Fire services by providing medical cover in emergency situations 
  • Arranging and crewing air ambulance flights 
  • Monitoring Hato Hone St John Medical Alarms 

* These services are part of our Ambulance Transfers service.

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For more information go to our Ambulance Membership questions page.

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