When someone dials 111 for an ambulance, the call comes into one of our Clinical Communications Centres.

While essential facts are recorded, the Emergency Medical Dispatcher provides a calm voice, reassurance that help will be arranged and gathers necessary information to arrange the help that is needed.

Around the clock service

A 111 call for an ambulance comes into one of three call receiving centres in New Zealand. St John manages the Communications Centres in Auckland and Christchurch and is in a joint venture in the third Communications Centre in Wellington, with Wellington Free Ambulance. These centres take calls and dispatch ambulances, emergency vehicles and air ambulance (helicopters) - for all of New Zealand.

The three centres are all connected together and are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by Emergency Medical Dispatchers who are ready to cope with any kind of medical emergency.

Ready for anything

The next call could be a concerned parent looking after a slightly unwell child or a vehicle accident involving horrific injuries. Training ensures that St John Emergency Medical Dispatchers are prepared for every possibility.

A special kind of person

Our team is made up of people who can stay calm and focused while dealing professionally with an emotionally charged call. Our Emergency Medical Dispatchers are trained to work with internationally recognised tools to provide our patients with the help they need.

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