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St John, supported by the Ministry of Health and ACC, is leading the work to introduce an ambulance electronic clinical record

As part of our commitment to providing the best possible patient care, St John is moving from hand-written clinical records to a new electronic Patient Report Form (ePRF) system. 

By electronically capturing patient assessment and interaction information we aim to improve the quality and safety of our services and patients’ experiences - due to the ability to share relevant and timely information with other healthcare providers involved in their care. 

ePRF is a key component and facilitator of the Ministry of Health’s strategy for integrated sector information systems. This will allow us to contribute more effectively to a better integrated healthcare system.

What will ePRF do?

  • Replace our existing hand-written clinical records.
  • Enable digital capture and transmission of patient clinical records directly from the ambulance to healthcare sector partners.
  • Enable better clinical decisions and improve patient outcomes.
  • Improve quality and usability of information at patient admission.
  • Provide a platform for our staff to access future shared care records or plans.
  • Provide population health data.
  • Connect our mobile workforce and connect us to the rest of health.
  • Integrate into the national health information framework.
  • Share patient information directly with hospitals and GPs.
  • What will be the benefits of ePRF?

For patients

  • Improved outcomes because better-informed ambulance officers can make better clinical decisions.
  • Ambulance officers will have more access to patient information, which could make the difference between having to go to hospital or being able to stay at home.
  • If they are enrolled with a practice then their GP will automatically be advised when they are seen by an ambulance officer (they may choose to opt out of this).
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