St John - Here for Life

Adi Wickramaratne |

Our new TV ad features Haylee Wrenn from Hawkes Bay, whose life was saved by St John after she suffered a cardiac arrest. Rather than simply focussing on the life-saving event itself, the ad highlights the little treasured life moments she and her daughter, Olivia, have had since.

Haylee along with her husband, three children, Olivia, George, Alex, and dogs Coco and Zac live on a lifestyle block in the Hawkes Bay. She went into her local pharmacy to get antibiotics for her children. After receiving them, she took two big breaths, fell backwards and died. Her kids were with her when she dropped dead. She was perfectly healthy with no heart abnormalities, but dropped dead.

Haylee feels incredibly lucky that she was in the right place at the right time, and the right people were close by. St John not only saved her life but also took care of her kids, they effectively filled in her shoes when she wasn't able to. Many New Zealanders don’t realise that their only national ambulance service is a charity and St John relies on donations and volunteers to maintain and improve their services in the face of ever increasing demand.

Haylee feels the experience has brought her family closer together and she has a more positive outlook on life. Rather than concentrating on a career, Haylee stopped working to concentrate on doing volunteer work, which she finds very fulfilling. Haylee wanted to share her story to help others appreciate St John, without having to have their own heart stop. 

During the filming of the ad, Haylee reconnected with the paramedics who saved her which add even more poignancy to the production. The ad was shot in the Wrenn’s family home and features genuine details of their lives, including their two rescued dogs. Haylee’s twelve year-old daughter Olivia provided the voice over.

This story shows how St John really is Here for Life TM

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