Heritage and City Life Hotels install life-saving devices

Nicki Russell |
Heritage Hotels CEO Graham Yan with Gary Salmon, General Manager, St John Northern Region

Heritage Hotels CEO Graham Yan with Gary Salmon, General Manager, St John Northern Region

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are being placed in selected Heritage and City Life Hotels across the country by Heritage Hotel Management.

 St John has installed the AEDs and is providing training to hotel staff in Heritage Hotels in Auckland, Hanmer Springs, and Queenstown as well as the City Life Hotels in Wellington and Auckland.  

“More than 1,000 people go into cardiac arrest outside of hospital in New Zealand every year, and less than 5 - 8% will survive if they don’t receive immediate treatment,” says Gary Salmon, General Manager, St John Northern Region.

Mr Salmon says if someone goes into sudden cardiac arrest, immediately dialling 111 and performing CPR is essential but it’s not always enough to ensure they survive. “Use of a defibrillator can increase the chance of survival by up to 40%,” he says.

An AED is a life-saving piece of equipment - it gives a short electric shock to the heart allowing the heart to regain its natural rhythm after a person suffers a cardiac arrest.

Heritage Hotels CEO, Graham Yan, said approximately $20,000 has been invested in the AEDs, which is a small price to pay to potentially save a life.

“Our philosophy is that people are at the heart of Heritage Hotels. We celebrate this through every aspect of their experience with us; the environment, healthy eating and how they are treated. Installing AEDs shows our guests and the local community that we committed to upholding these values by continuing to invest in their wellbeing” Mr Yan said.

“The AEDs will be located in easy to access places to ensure our team or members of the public can access them quickly when needed. We have also provided additional training to our first aid team members on the use of the AEDs,” Graham Yan says.

St John encourages all businesses and organisations to seriously consider purchasing an AED for their premises. 

“We commend Heritage Hotels Management for their foresight in purchasing AEDs for their staff and their local communities,” says Mr Salmon.

“Having this life-saving equipment available in these hotels is invaluable for the community.  Cardiac arrest can strike anyone – any gender, all ages and occupations.   These units are easy to use, and they can save someone’s life.”

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