PayGlobal’s Christmas Gift to St John

Ian Henderson |

Supporter Scheme

On Friday 14 December over 80 members of the PayGlobal team hit the streets of Christchurch to run a membership drive for the St John Supporter Scheme.

Hugh Martyn, PayGlobal Chief Executive, says the day is a company day, “and tradition has it that all our staff get together – so our Sydney and Auckland branch staff come to Christchurch to join in the fun too.”

“The idea is for us all to get together, plan for 2013 and have some fun while celebrating the values upon which our company is based, usually through an activity:  ‘We live above the line; We are passionate about our customers; We act as one’.”

Mr Martyn says PayGlobal had a brainstorming session for ideas, and were influenced by the day’s proximity to Christmas.

“This merged into the idea of being able to help out a great cause.  St John has such a wonderful reputation in the marketplace for helping all New Zealanders and they are a PayGlobal customer as well!  Perfect!”

Sarah Wilkinson, St John Fundraising Manager South Island, says St John is a customer of PayGlobal, so “it’s great to reaffirm these links and have members of their team supporting us in this way”.

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