St John managing weather in Northern Region

Robbie Walker |

There has been a St John internal communication issue impacting a large area of the Northern Region. The internal communication issue is due to weather damage to one of the radio network sites and the public will be notified once it's operational again. This does not affect incoming emergency calls and will not impact on patients.

St John Assistant Operations Director – Clinical Control Services, Lee Brooks, says there are processes in place to deal with the situation.

"St John is currently able to send ambulance crews to incidents and receive updates from them via cell phone and operating mobile data terminals."

St John communications within the Whangarei area are still operational. With Northland flooding increasing, Brooks said the communication issue adds pressure yet St John will continue "business as usual".

"We’re closely monitoring the flooding and communicating with other emergency services and hospitals to ensure we are managing emergencies in a timely manner."

For further enquiries:

Robbie Walker

Communications Advisor  

St John Northern Region

M 027 290 9764


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