Update - St John response to the earthquake


Ongoing St John response to the earthquake
Update 1:30pm, 14 November 2016

St John continues to work closely with the National Crisis Management Centre, including Civil Defence, Government and emergency and health agencies. 

St John’s focus remains Kaikoura and surrounding areas.  St John has two fully crewed ambulances operating in Kaikoura, despite earthquake damage to the Kaikoura Ambulance Station.

Additional paramedics and other ambulance officers were transported into the area by helicopter this morning, and are supporting the permanent St John personnel and PRIME doctors.

St John continues to work with other emergency and health agencies to ensure patients and vulnerable people in Kaikoura are supported.   We continue to work closely with the air sector on the coordination of air ambulances, as there is limited road access. 

St John operations are now operating business as usual in Nelson/Marlborough, Christchurch and the wider Canterbury districts. The number of emergency ambulance incidents in Canterbury and Tasman areas this morning was higher than usual. 

The volume of 111 calls remains manageable however St John asks the public to assist us by keeping the 111 service for emergencies, and following local Civil Defence instructions.

St John advises people to have their phones, medicines and emergency kits with them and to keep in contact with family and friends.  Please refer to Civil Defence website http://www.civildefence.govt.nz/ and Civil Defence in your region for local instructions.

Authorised by St John National Controller Murray Holt

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