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St John recently asked the Nation to get behind our Annual Appeal and help fundraise for 12 new ambulances.

It was an ambitious target but New Zealanders rallied to the cause and generously donated $2.2 million to build and equip 12 vehicles that will be used by frontline paramedics to provide lifesaving care to the seriously sick or injured.

Emergency health care has developed significantly in the last forty years.

“It’s an essential but expensive business, costing $200,000 to get a modern ambulance on the road,” says Peter Bradley, St John Chief Executive.

This includes the cost of the vehicle itself along with a variety of hi-tech clinical and medical equipment – mobile data terminals, stretchers, a defibrillator, heart rate monitor, specialised extraction equipment – along with ambulance officer training and uniform.

“We want to thank the New Zealand public for their generosity.  Your support means our ambulance officers can continue to provide lifesaving emergency services to our growing and aging population using the most advanced techniques and equipment - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” says Mr Bradley.

All the funds raised in the St John Annual Appeal will be spent directly on these ambulances, manufactured locally in the Waikato, and to be located across the country.  Look out for them in your neighbourhood - recognisable by a special dedication thanking the New Zealand public.

Watch a time lapse video on YouTube of the new St John ambulances being built at Action Manufacturing in Hamilton.




  • Every day St John responds to 1,200 calls for help; that’s nearly one call every minute.
  • Last year we cared for over 425,000 patients and our ambulances travelled over 19 million kilometres.
  • The life of a frontline emergency vehicle is about eight years.  We have approx. 700 ambulances and operational vehicles over 200 stations across the country.
  • As part of St John’s new look, these ambulances come in high visibility yellow with more reflective signage than older white models. This is to maximise visibility of the vehicles and improve safety for ambulance officers and the public on the road.
  • St John is the largest primary healthcare provider in New Zealand; it provides emergency ambulance services to nearly 90% of New Zealanders and covers 97% of the country’s geographical area.
  • St John is a registered charity made up of a mix of full-time paid employees and volunteer staff.
  • Our community and commercial programmes range from first aid training, health shuttle services, Friends of the Emergency Department, Caring Caller telephone service, monitored medical alarms, Outreach Therapy Pets and a St John Youth Programme.


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